SKAGIT WATER is a non-profitable organization with one primary goal – creating the world where we can all share, live healthily and help those in need. Water, as one of the most powerful forces, is precious to all of us, however, if we use it wisely we can change the world and help those who still don’t have access to it. Our organization is dedicated to creating an access to clean, drinking water to those who don’t have it. Helping communities grow and develop, as well as giving the new generations a chance for a brighter future are the reasons why we hope to achieve in our mission. Bearing this goal in mind, our members are always ready for action. We will make sure African people and other in need get easy maintenance water accesses, which will be just one small step towards the development of the whole community.


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The 6th annual Bivalve Bash was a great success on a beautiful July 19.  Nearly 1800 people were there to enjoy the events and food and help celebrate clean waters. The Silent Auction at the Bash had nearly 50 generous donors. Hopefully you will take every opportunity you can to do business with them, their generosity helps continue our programs.  We also thank the people who placed bids, including the lucky winners!


Our “Skagit for Clean Waters” Program is moving along. Two workshops about Low Impact Development have been held for many building-related businesses, citizens, and government officials. Participating businesses are sharing ideas and accomplishments in a network newsletter and will be recognized in the media and at a celebration banquet towards the end of year. We are encouraging benefiting businesses to donate to a Clean Waters Fund.


We host a weekly Blog, on-line newspaper, aimed at helping county residents get a better idea of the opportunities they have to maintain and enhance the natural beauty and health of our area.  Give it a look and see what you think.  We’ll appreciate your feedback. Your support is essential for us to continue our work, and expand it where needed. With your help, we can do this.

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