Tap VS. Bottled water

Water is a resource that consistently gives us something to worry about. Shortage of water, saving it for the future generations, sharing the fresh water with the 3rd world countries and so on. However, even the people, like us, who have access to clear drinking water have problems. One of the most popular ones is which is better the tap water or the bottled one. For ages, people thought that the bottled water is much better and far healthier choice, however, in the recent years, people started asking themselves does the bottle makes the water safe to drink or maybe not?


Advantages and disadvantages of bottled water

Just like any other thing, bottled water has its own benefits and disadvantages, at the end of this article, you will be able to decide which type of the water will you use in the future.


Where does it come from?

Contrary to the popular opinion, bottled water isn’t just water from the natural springs, just the opposite most of it comes from the municipal supply. Yes, maybe a part of it originated from natural sources but the most of it isn’t. This water is just purified, filtered and sold to us.


Is it clean?

Even though you might think so, the bottled water isn’t 100% clean, it might contain some bacteria or even chemicals but so does the tap. However, the primary source of these chemicals is, in fact, the bottle.


Impact on the planet

bottled-water-3Bottled water, even though it’s safe to drink, isn’t so safe for our environment. While society struggles to cut down on using fossil fuels, making the plastic bottles only increases it. This can be avoided by drinking the water straight from the faucet.

One more important thing about the bottles is that creating them also requires spending the precious water we struggle to preserve and save for future generations. On an annual level, making empty bottles required 72 gallons of water according to the calculations of prestigious Universities all around the Globe.

When we put it like this, it seems like bottled water isn’t a good choice, however for those who don’t have tap water, it is much more than precious and valuable, it’s the source of life.