Everything you need to know about Water

Before you do something to help the people who are dealing with the shortage of the clean water, you need to learn everything about their communities and their everyday problems. The problem with the lack of water is that people in the developed countries don’t realize the harsh truth and that is that water isn’t a resource we can use unlimitedly, in fact, world water supply is very limited. It is the only supply we have, and that we’ll ever have so, we should be careful about every drop we spend.Here are some facts that might make you understand the situation we found ourselves in, and hopefully, motivate you to save water and share it with those who still don’t have access to it.


Facts about the world water supply

water kidsRealizing the problem of the water shortage is very hard, especially when we have been taught that the Earth’s surface is 70% water ever since we were little kids. The thing we don’t know is that only 2% of the planet’s water is fresh.

However, even those 2% of clean water aren’t available to us, almost 1.6% of fresh water is, in fact, trapped in the shape of polar ice caps and glaciers. All this means there is only 0.4% fresh water for the humanity that consists of 7 billion people.

You would think that this amount of fresh water is enough for all of us. However, the fact is that even that amount isn’t shared equally among the communities. For example, an average African man has to walk about 1 mile to get fresh water, and an average person in the developed country doesn’t even have to stand up from his chair.

If you didn’t know about these facts, the following ones might hit you even harder. So prepare to get to know the harsh reality.


One out of 6 persons, doesn’t have access to clean water. They cannot wash their dishes, and they cannot bathe in it let alone drink it. About 3 billion people don’t have access to portable water and 4 billion people from developing countries die from the water-related disease on an annual level.  What’s even more horrifying is that every 15 seconds a child dies from those water-related diseases.

When confronted with these facts, you should know the opposite ones too. To make the difference between developed and 3rd world countries even bigger and scarier, you should be aware that an Average American person uses about 2000 gallons of clean water each day, while an African family uses only five.


What to do?

All the facts we mentioned above, made our organization and our members more serious and more determined to achieve our goals, help those who don’t have access to water, bring the source of all life to them and help them live a healthy life. If you want to help too but don’t know how, remember that only cutting your shower for four minutes saves 30 gallons of water that can be much more valuable to someone else.