Top 4 Clean Water Solutions for developing countries

Lack of clean water causes numerous issues for developing countries, the most horrifying of which are waterborne diseases and deaths. Aside from this, dirty water causes children to leave schools, adults to leave their work which also causes their community to stop developing. In order to help them grow, develop and live a healthier life we have educated ourselves and thought about possible solutions.


The list of possible solutions

The list of options isn’t a long list, but it would mean all the difference in the world if we could just make it happen. Supplying these communities with bottled water just won’t be enough, even if we could send them gallons and gallons of water on a daily level.

Waste to Water

waste-to-waterRecycling human waste to make perfectly drinkable and safe water is possible. Even Bill Gates confirmed it by drinking a glass of water and saying he would drink it every day. Converting sewage to water will supply these communities with 2500 gallons of water from one cycle.


Desalination90% of Earth’s water is actually the salt water if we could turn it to drinkable water than all the problems would simply disappear. Desalination process is very complicated and expensive. However, it seems this will be the only solution if we ever spend all our fresh water resources.

Personal Filter Straws

Individual filter straws are small devices used to filter water producing perfectly drinkable water for those who still don’t have it. They are small-scale devices and using them will destroy 99% of the bacteria in a glass of water.

Air to Water

air-to-waterThe United Arab Emirates is a country that already uses this technology. It is capable of producing 16 gallons of water from the dry air per hour. Eole, a company that created this technology in the first place, also offers home and office generator which are capable of producing 7 gallons of water per day.

Each of these solutions is possible. However, each of these is also very expensive, which is why we are hoping to acquire more and more members of our organization, collect the resources and supply the developing countries with these technologies.5