Water & Health

Developing countries are always coping with the water-related diseases. Almost 4 billion people die each year from this kind of illness, not to mention that every 15 seconds one child dies from this cause. Water is naturally full of bacteria. However, most of those bacteria aren’t dangerous, in developing countries, there is almost no clean water at all, and each glass of dirty water is a life-threatening weapon.


In the modern day countries, water is chlorinated and filtered through carefully designed water supply systems, this way the water gets cleaned from different bacteria and diseases it carries. In the poorer parts of the world where water supply systems don’t exist, every day is a battle with the lurking water-related diseases such as cholera or typhoid fever.

Water and Children

water-and-childrenEven in the developed countries, mothers’ boil tap water before they give it to their young babies. In Africa and other underdeveloped parts of the world, mothers can’t even light a fire so that boiling the water for their kids isn’t even an option.

Aside from that, staying in school that has no drinking water is very hard for the children, therefore, education and school system in these communities are very endangered. Non-profitable organizations, just like ours, put in all their efforts to supply schools with the necessary drinking water that will preserve children’s health, motivation for learning and the most importantly develop the whole community. Drinking dirty water in the school or anywhere else for that matter will only cause children to collapse, lose their classes and even their lives.

Water and Education

Sickness is a big part of the life in the developing countries. Lack of clean water can make the whole families ill for days, months or even years. In this situation, even the youngest members have to take care of other members of the family. Walking miles and miles for clean water can cause them to miss the classes in school and even drop out. Lack of hygiene in schools also caused by the lack of water is one more reason why children leave schools. To help them grow, learn and live we have to give them access to clean water.